1930 Tragedy in Hollywood

Ten Die As Two Planes Collide While Filming  A Movie

But first some background: 

The Mysterious Death of Alfred Lowenstein...

He was one of the richest and most powerful men in Europe. An investor, he also owned a company which built electrical infrastructure in developing countries. A pilot who liked to race horses, he had been a Belgian soldier during the First World War. Now Alfred Lowenstein was one of the most famous men in the world. But in July of 1928 he was a passenger on his private plane. Going back, seemingly to use the washroom, he opened the wrong door and fell 4000 feet into the English Channel. Suicide? Murder? Everybody had a theory. But nobody has ever figured out why he died in such bizarre circumstances.

A Golden Age

Meanwhile Hollywood was booming. The talkie had been invented so now we could actually hear actors speak. While other countries were slow to adopt the new technology, America dove into it and the US movie industry was now on the map. Film was big business and stars became royalty.

Such Men Are Dangerous

With all the talk on how Alfred Lowenstein had died filming began based on the events. Three aircraft were used for the jump scene and, with his death still shrouded in mystery, two of the planes collided sending ten people to their own demise in the Pacific Ocean. The star of the movie, Warner Baxter, survived as he was not present. Among the dead was the director Kenneth Hawks, husband to the beautiful star Mary Astor. As two camera planes were filming a third from which a parachutist would jump, one of the camera planes slide slipped into the other. Wings were entangled, there was an explosion, later ships and blimps could not recover all of the bodies. Three men, including Hawks, jumped from the planes and died from their falls.  

Watch The Entire Movie Here...

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